We’re a network of award winning advocacy innovators and dynamic storytellers…we run a fun & FREE advocacy podcast to share new ideas and best practices that will help advocacy professionals tackle challenges and become stronger leaders.

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Leaders Guiding The Advocacy Help Desk Network:

Andy Polk

Senior Vice President at FDRA

Advocacy Help Desk’s founder and host, Andy worked for 9 years on Capitol Hill and over 6 years now overseeing the award winning advocacy program at the footwear industry’s trade association.

Bryan Fratkin

Founder & CEO of Spark Influence

Powering Advocacy Help Desk’s platform, Bryan runs the award winning advocacy software platform Spark Influence. He helps groups enhance their advocacy efforts through new innovative tools and resources.

Blake Althen

Founder & Partner at Human Media

Powering Advocacy Help Desk’s live show, Blake is a partner at Human Media where he has worked to help countless groups and associations raise their voice above the noise through podcasts and cutting edge media.

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